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Evening all,

I really hope that you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. Mine has been very productive to say the least and so it should after that mammoth blog post and video I produced on how to have a productive 2017! 

Over the last few weeks I had been a bit quiet on the blog and some of my social media trying to prep and prepare for the tasks and goals I had set myself for this year. I also realised in the midst of my planning that the ‘brand’ that I was walking towards would have to take a slightly different direction. 

When I started the blog my main aim was to showcase how to live life and have style on a budget but I feel this vision was very limiting to me overall and I’ll explain why.

My aim is to grow the blog and channel to a level where I’m able to reap from all the work I’ve sown. This could be in the shape of collaborations, sponsor or brand deals etc, and whilst some of these seem impossible to me now, I’ve adopted the attitude that I can achieve anything I want to with a lot of work and a bit of patience. 

When these doors begin to open for me how would I still maintain ‘budgeting’ my life and my style if I don’t need to anymore? What I’m saying is that we all go through seasons in life and my situation today, I pray, will not be my situation tomorrow. 

So yes, everything I’m doing now is budgeted but as the brand grows and things begin to change financially, the way I do things will change too. 

I struggled with this for a while because I thought what about those that follow me after I begin to achieve my idea of success and still have to budget – and then it dawned on me that it will only spur them on to aspire for the things they want if they see someone just like them beginning to achieve it. 

With this in mind I began to think about exactly where I want to go and although I’d prefer to keep those cards close to my chest, I definately realise now that the bigger picture or greater aim of my blogging career is to inspire women just like me or similar to me to work hard to pursue their dreams. 

You could be a single mum. A married mum of three or a young single female. Maybe even a male who knows. Sometimes when I check the analytics for my blog I find more men reading it than women! LOL

Regardless, whoever you are, the aim should be the same.

To not only live life but to enjoy every part of it. 

To take on the world and it’s responsibilites but own it. 

I want to inspire woman to develop a totally different meaning to the term #girlboss – because for me being a girl boss doesn’t mean working at the top of a corporate business or necessarily working for yourself; but just being able to be a success at whatever it is you’re doing; and look and feel good whilst doing it. 

I really hope that you guys can understand why I’ve changed my angle slightly and will not only support me in my vision but begin to ask yourself or pen down what goals and aspirations you have – and be motivated to work through them together. 

I’m so excited to see what 2017 has to offer and I’m assuming that you all are too. There’s always a new year ‘hype’ at the beginning of the year but even when the buzz wears off, make sure you keep that momentum going.

Just as a side note: I’ll now be doing three blog posts a week Monday, Thursday and Friday with a youtube upload on Tuesday. I’m also going to try my hand at vlog videos, and these will be uploaded on Sundays as a kind of bonus video because I won’t be vlogging all the time. 

Feel free to tweet or inbox me with any aspirations you have and we can motivate each other throughout the year. I’m so eager to meet people outside of my friendship group and family so I know my little blog is making a difference! 

Cheers to a new direction



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