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So, those of us that are fashion followers would know we’ve just had NYFW and LFW. If you’re not into all that jazz, I’ll be the one to let you know that we just had New York and London Fashion Week. lool If I’m completely honest, I don’t follow the fashion weeks as much as I used to because of more pressing matters at home and abroad lool, but I do check it once in a while. I also stop by to check out what my favourite fashion designers are up to aswell. I may do a separate post on them – they’re definately worth the time.

But today, I wanted to bring the best of the catwalk, in my opinion, to us normaltons – with some pictures and links of my favourite high street items that fall into the current trends.

I also wanted to say, I’m not one of those people that jump on every fashion bandwagon going. If I don’t like it – I don’t care how trending it is, I won’t wear it. So in this edit I’ve literally brought the best of what I would personally wear. That said there are alot more trends this fall that I would love to include but this post would end up being way too long. I will be purchasing some of these below as well as those that aren’t and I will make a mention of relevance to the FALL season when I post it.

I hope you enjoy it!

So, the first trend I’m crushing on is METALLICS. Now you probably know by now that my colour palette is very basic so I’m not 100% sure I would rock a pair of pants like the picture below but I will definately implement this trend in small details to complement my outfits. For example, I have a pair of t-bar shoes sitting in my ASOS basket with a metal toe cap and metallic strap. I think they’re absolutely adorable and would give an otherwise dull autumn palette that kick of glamour. That said, If I do see an item that I feel could work for me I’ll definately go for it.

The second, we kind of covered last week in ‘ROCK CHIC’, but it is the BOMBER. It’s been around for a hot minute but it is constantly evolving. The bomber I definately have to get my hands on for this coming season is the silk black bomber. I’m almost getting giddy just thinking about it. I can just see myself wearing it with a nice pair of wide leg pants and VB style heels for a bit of attitude.

My third fall trend is VELVET. Now don’t quit on me yet – I know this one is tricky and I have seen some dodgy velvet outfits on the catwalk BUT, if you do it properly it could so work. Now more specifically the trend is consistent with midnight blue which you already know is right up my alley – so again, if I see an irresistable piece I’ll definately make a purchase. Although, it’s not quite velvet – I absolutely love suede shoes. It gives such a true and lovely black that when I wear tights in autumn or winter the look comes together flawlessly. A pair of black or navy velvet shoes will definately win me over. Just to make a quick mention of the photo below I love how she’s paired the velvet top with a pair of jeans and leather bag. It’s effortless glamour.

​​OK, so now my fourth. I am absolutely crushing on the MILITARY JACKET. Not your average khaki or camo military jacket but the one with all the frogging, seam, button and tassel detailing. Now, this week I had in mind to do an OOTD of my favourite zara wide leg pant but now I’ve seen this photo I feel I need to hold onto that look until I get my own military jacket – just so I can crown it properly. LOL. This look is absolutely amazing – it’s so my style and looking on the internet this week I’ve seen so many versions I love it’s been hard to narrow it down to one. I really feel this piece is like the staple for the autumn wardrobe depending on the size and length you go for but this is without a doubt one of my favourites

Last, but by no means least, my fifth and final crush for this fall is the HOODIE. Now, again, I am a bit of a tomboy, so anything that allows me to reveal that side of me I’m all in – but I feel the current obsession with the hoodie is just a follow-on from the athleisure phenomenon that fashion adopted a few years ago. Luckily enough, as we’re all familiar with the hoodie – it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. To make life easy, it can be used as a layering piece for the colder weather but I would keep your eyes peeled for some fresh hoodie inspiration due to be out on the high street.



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