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This beautiful Monday afternoon I wanted to bring to you guys my shea butter recipe. I’ve been completely natural for just under three years now and it’s been a very developmental experience.I will go into more detail about my natural hair journey on another blog post but I just wanted to say that I had NEVER intended to go natural. I always loved how natural hair looked, I loved the versitality of it and I also knew that relaxer was damaging to the hair – but I had been relaxed since I was about 10 years old so relaxer was really all I knew and I wasn’t willing to change that.

BUT, here we are! My relaxer was completely cut off on the 01\01\14 and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve experimented with many different brands and different hair regimens over that period, but until recently I had never found a moisturizer good enough to deeply moisturize my hair down to the shaft. It will appear moisturised and then usually when I wake up the next day it’s brittle again.

Anyway, my sister got married recently – and one of her aunt’s, who has natural hair past bra strap length, suggested I should start using shea butter as that’s probably the only oil that will penetrate my thick hair. How many of you know I listened to her lool.

So the very next day, I did my research – as I do, and ended up buying some pure shea butter on amazon which arrived the same day [thank you Amazon PRIME] 🙂

I also, searched all over youtube to find a regimen that would help me incorporate the shea butter into my now routine and stumbled upon this recipe.

I promise you, since I have been using this my hair has not been the same. It is so soft after a wash and a moisturizing it’s unreal and what’s even more helpful is that I only need this. Prior to this, I had tried moisturizing and sealing. The LOC method, the LOCO method and nothing had penetrated my hair like this.

I originally got this recipe from the youtube channel of ‘LiveNaturallyLove’ but I’ve tweaked it slightly because I never had apricot oil and I’ve hated the smell of Lavender since my first pregnancy.

Anyway, This is the equipment you’ll need:

Mixing Bowl
Scale [optional] Measuring Spoons
Electric Whisk
7oz  Pure Shea Butter
1 Tbspoon Jamaican Black Castor Oil
1 Tspoon Argan Oil
1 Tspoon Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
1 Tspoon Vitamin E Oil
1 Tspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5 drops Peppermint Oil
5 drops Tea Tree Oil
Glass Jar
Piping Bag or Freezer Bag [optional]


​This first part is optional, but if you want to ensure the measurements are correct then measure out 7oz of shea butter onto the scale. Once this is measured out place the shea butter into the mixing bowl. Usually shea butter is in a clumpy state and this makes it very difficult to whisk. I skipped the second step first time and ended up whisking for 45 minutes…

Place all the shea butter clumps into the mixing bowl and place underneath another bowl or pan of boiled water so the steam can gently melt the butter.

Once melted – take the mixing bowl off the steam as you don’t want to overdo it and burn off the nutrients in the butter. Now add all the remaining oils, mix gently, then place the mixing bowl in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes just to solidify the oils again

Once the oils have begun to firm up again [not completely solid, you should still be able to put ur finger through] You can begin whisking. Almost straight away it will begin to cream up. You’ll know the cream is ready when it fluffs up and begins to resemble cream icing or whipped cream

​​Scoop out the cream mixture and again this is optional – but place it into the piping bag ready to pipe gently into the glass jar. I feel it ensures there’s no air bubbles and as livenaturallylove said it just gives it a nice finish.


Once you’ve finished piping you can close the lid and store it in a suitable place. I have mine in the bathroom cabinet


If any of you try this recipe, please be sure to let me know if it worked for you



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