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This post is a week and a bit late because last week I didn’t post anything at all. If you follow my youtube channel as well as the blog you would have seen the ‘meet my husband’ video I posted last week. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it here.Basically, I explained the fact that my husband is the one that takes all my pictures and helps me with recording videos, and although I know how to use my camera, I find it’s alot less stressful when there’s two of us on board. Unfortunately Matthew suffered a crazy injury to his knee over the last weekend which meant he’s had to be on crutches since. That kind of put a spanner in my works! It’s so crazy how something small can happen and it throws everything out of joint – but because he’s been effectively out of action, the past week I’ve had to do everything and I was literally knackered! 

Anyway, this explains why I took these outfit shots on the balcony of our flat! It was either that or nothing – but that said I think it kind of works well with the look I was shooting. 

Again, if you’re subscribed to the youtube channel as well as the blog, you would have seen me talk about this outfit in my birthday haul video. 

I spoke about the fact that I wasn’t really feeling the spaghetti strap – barely there lace top over the white t-shirt look because something about it looked slightly immodest and I just didn’t feel I could rock with it. 

Although I love fashion I don’t think anyone should be a slave to it and jump on every trend going – especially if they don’t like it, but there are ways of taking a trend and making it yours. 

For this look, I swapped the white tee for a crisp white shirt – when you get to know me well enough you’ll begin to realise this is one of my signature pieces. No matter how many white shirts I have I’ll always adopt more! 

Then I replaced the ‘barely there’ lace vest with a more substantial lace crop top which I purchased from Zara. I love it because it has a lovely statement zip at the back [forgive me for not taking a photo of this] 

Somehow I just feel this look appears slightly more grown up and sophisticated than the original trend, which is why I teamed it up with my knitted coat and pointed court shoes. 

When I wear this I feel cute but smart and I hope you guys see that in this look too! 

I am really working my butt off this week to put things in place – making sure the blog aswell as my youtube becomes consistent and works like clockwork and I’ve realised it isn’t going to be easy. I can see alot of sleepless nights on the way!

I have a blog post and video coming up real soon talking about how to prepare for 2017 where I’ll be discussing ways I’ve tried to help myself be more organised and keep on top of the things I have to do. Not just for the blog and channel but also with home and family life. Juggling it all really is a mammoth task but I said I was up for the challenge, now I have to embrace it.

Look out for it as It will be up sometime this week but otherwise have a great week ahead



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