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This week I’ve gone for a punk rock type of look with a bit of chic. Hopefully you figured in the wordplay lool.I’m sure we all know by now that the bomber is the piece of the season. Whether it be khaki, soft, silk, textured or printed. Literally, you could look anywhere on the high street and you’ll be sure to find a bomber somewhere. That said, although I’m loving the bomber jacket, I’m not really sure how I feel about this one, which I got from Missguided. I like the design of it but I’m not really feeling the colour. It’s less Khaki and more of a forest green. I might depop it and purchase the bomber again from Zara as their version seems to be that tad bit darker – but see, these are the pitfalls of online shopping.

My jeans are old topshop and I mean OLD, but they are a pair of their staple ‘Jamie’ so you will be able to find the cut in the stores now, just in a slightly different style. [I’ve linked a similar pair below] Now, can I just say this is why I love jeans. Two women could buy the same jean and over time due to wear and washing they will look completely different. It almost becomes a personal stamp of you. When I bought these initially they were probably darker and the rips were nothing like this. Sticking my foot in a bit too violently caused what you can see here but I love them for outfits like this when I want an edgy look. It also helps that exaggerated rips were recently in season lool.

Again, I just had to put on my curved hem top from ASOS. This black one I bought TALL as I wanted it slightly longer.

Now to pull this look off properly it takes shoes and accessories and I’ve paired my outfit up with a pair of cut out courts from London Rebel and a lovely tote bag I got from Primark. Only £12

I’m really fussy when it comes to my heels – everyone that knows me personally knows I like them tall but more importantly the arch has to be quite deep for them to have that ‘chic’ or ‘couture’ look. That said, I have to warn you. I love heels and I will wear them no end but these are not those type of heels. These are the ‘put it in your handbag until you get to your destination heels’ because after a while they’re quite painful on the ball of the foot. No pain no gain though right lool.

Lastly I bought this cute silver watch from depop for cheap but I believe it was originally from Primark aswell anyway. 

Little disclaimer, just incase I get anyone into trouble, my nose is not really pierced. I use faux rings which I get from Claire’s accessories. After all, if you’re going to pull off a look it’s probably best to do it properly


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