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If you’ve been following the PANDORA ROSE instagram page you will know that this week I had my room re-painted [yayyy]

Basically, when we moved into our flat, my husband and I had decided on a grey and white theme to run through our house; but for the bedroom I had requested that three walls of the room be charcoal and one wall white, with all the bedroom furniture to be white aswell. It was all going to plan until we decided to buy the homebase brand of dark grey instead of the Dulux one. As we began pasting the paint on the wall we both said that it looked a bit blue but we thought maybe because it was the first coat, let’s do one more and see.

Low and behold when the room was fully painted, the paint looked even more tinted blue. I can’t even describe the colour. To me it didn’t look grey at all – the only thing that I liked about it was the contrast.

That said, I should have taken into account that our room was a fraction of the size compared to the inspiration pictures I was looking at.

Anyway, I knew that when I began shooting for TPR in the bedroom it would NOT work. Although we had both agreed the room needed re-painting when the mishap occured, our baby was due any minute so we didn’t want to paint it again incase he arrived early and the room was still full of fumes. Although the intention was to re-paint later you know how it goes – once something is kind of done you just put it on the backburner and leave it there LOL.

SO nine months on, it’s finally done and I absolutely LOVE it! It feels like a completely different room and it’s crazy how the colour of the room changes the light and the perceived space – it looks so much bigger. I feel quite ashamed actually. I’ve studied art, fashion and design and I completely overlooked my knowledge pining after a clolour scheme because it looked great in the pictures [hangs head in shame]

I’ve added some photos below of the bedroom when we first moved in, the first decoration effort and the new and improved one.

I hope you enjoy and can take some inspiration on how to decorate a small bedroom





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