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I hope you guys have enjoyed your thursday day. If you haven’t don’t fret because the weekend is almost here !This is just a quick post inviting you to join me on the 60 day vitamin challenge I set myself to reduce the dark circles around my eyes. Below is some information I sourced regarding the benefits and properties of Vitamin E so I’m really hoping that some of these benefits are true to the results which I will post in two months time.

Night cream
First remove any makeup from the face. Dab a few drops of vitamin E oil under the eyes and massage in gently, without pulling on skin. When used regularly each evening, this treatment should help keep the skin under the eyes more elastic to maintain a youthful appearance.

Dark circle prevention
When used as an eye cream as described above, vitamin E can prevent excess melanin formation, which is one potential cause of under-eye darkness or circles.

Reverse sun damage
As an antioxidant, vitamin E can help reverse damage to the skin. The sun can cause photoaging, which leaves skin looking leathery and tired. Applying a small amount of vitamin E oil to areas that get frequent sun exposure can gradually undo some of this damage. Apply to the face, neck, chest, forearms and backs of the hands.

Help skin look younger
Along with undoing damage, vitamin E oil encourages cell regeneration to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and brown spots.

Use as a moisturizer
Look no further than vitamin E oil for your whole-body moisturizer. Who doesn’t want softer, younger-looking skin all over? Since natural vitamin E oil is often mixed with coconut oil, this is all you need for great skin. Simply smooth on the oil when skin is still damp after a shower or bath.

Regulate oil secretion
Contrary to what you might expect, vitamin E oil is great for oily skin. It helps to regulate the action of the glands that secrete sebum, the body’s natural moisturizer. If you have shiny, oily skin, vitamin E oil can help calm the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Heal dry skin and skin conditions
Vitamin E plays a role in improving cellular health and bolstering the immune system. As such, using the oil can help relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.
Dry skin can also benefit from the moisturizing action of vitamin E oil. Be sure to include a small amount in your homemade natural personal care products.

Fade marks and scars
One of the most notable benefits of vitamin E oil is to help fade unsightly marks on the skin. If you feel self-conscious about stretch marks, acne scars, pigmentation or keloids, vitamin E will definitely help. Apply a small amount to the affected site each day and the marks will fade over time.

Also some helpful tips to avoid over doing it as even though Vitamin E is good for your skin applying to much or applying it wrong could have adverse effects:

Apply it at night. “The oil can be thick and greasy, so it’s best used before bedtime, possibly in place of a night cream or moisturizer,” says Dr. Broumand.

Combine it with vitamin C. “It has been shown that when combining vitamin E with vitamin C, it can act as a natural form of sun protection,” explains Dr. Broumand. “Vitamin E oil works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process. If we can fight off free radicals, then we can reduce wrinkles and keep the skin youthful-looking.”
Vargas adds, “It has basic antioxidant properties that everyone needs. It is unavoidable that we are all suffering from environmental stress. [Vitamin E oil] protects the skin against cell mutation in the sun and pollution. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so it calms and hydrates sensitive skin.”

Swap it in place of skin-brightening creams. “Free radicals can also prevent the healing of scars, so applying vitamin E oil will help to repair and improve the appearance of the damaged tissue,” says Dr. Broumand.

Like I mentioned in my latest youtube video, I’ll be applying a little vitamin E around my eyes day and night for 60 days to try to reduce the dark circles. I can’t imagine them disappearing completely but I am hoping to see a significant change.

If you follow me long enough you’ll begin to see that I’m not the greatest fan of make-up.

Don’t get me wrong, I do use it and I love the benefits of it but I am a complete amateur when it comes to buying and applying it. If you saw my make-up routine I’m pretty sure you’d find it laughable but one thing I am definately passionate about is the overall health of my skin.

My skin is up and down at the best of times so every little thing I can do to maintain it I will, and you should too! Who doesn’t want to age beautifully and gracefully and plus, it’s yours for life!

When you remove your make-up at the end of the day how do you feel about the skin underneath? If you are unhappy let’s do something to change it

You should be proud of the skin you’re in.

If you decide to take part in this challenge be sure to let me know via a tweet or instagram as I’ll be happy to see all of your progress!

I’ll leave a link below to the Vitamin E I use but you could also purchase it from your local Whole Foods Store if that’s easier.

I’m starting my challenge from today seeing as today is the day the official challenge is being posted and plus I haven’t properly started yet, as since new year I had been forgetting to put it on in the evening!

I’ll have to set a reminder!

Cheers to healthy and glowing skin and I’ll post an update in 30 and 60 days




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