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Let me start by saying it feels so good to be back and blogging again

I’ve missed it so much but in the time I’ve been away, planning, researching and doing even more planning, so between now and the new year you’ll start to see some of these changes.

Anyway, If you guys have seen my haul video this week you’ll see pretty much most of the items in this OOTD including my faux fur scarf which I bought on ASOS. At first I just liked it but now I absolutely love it. Seriously I feel like a diva when I’m wearing it – whatever that means lool – but besides that it is phenomenally warm.

Doing this shoot today was absolutely freezing but the scarf salvaged my neck and my hands when I wrapped them up underneath. Then I started to think, maybe this winter is calling for a fur coat…

Now I have never really been into fur. I’ve never thought it suited me but If I can feel glamourous in a fur scarf I’m sure I can do bits in a fur coat! This week I’ve been looking at a few faux fur coats and I’ve fallen in love with a few but just not the price. They are really quite pricey. That said ASOS are doing a massive sale on coats and jackets this week so this is probably the best time to grab one.

This week I may do a feature post on a few of the faux fur coats I’ve seen, but if you’re an amateur like me I would definately suggest trying out a few faux fur scarves to see which one works for you and your skintone. There’s many different shapes, colours and textures so do a little shopping and find your perfect winter companion.

I hope you all have a great weekend



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