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It’s FRIDAY! YAY :)I hope you’ve all had a good week and if not I hope the weekend is better. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you’ll know that I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday yesterday – hence why I’ve named this OOTD twenty eight. I’ve been pretty much ill since Tuesday so I couldn’t do much else except drag myself outside to take these pictures. That said, they came out well to reflect the nature of my outift, which is to usher in autumn, and man am I excited that autumn is here!

This is the season for layering, wooly coats, scarves and boots. Talking about boots, I thought yesterday would be the perfect occasion to sport my new ones. I’ve had them in hiding for quite a while now. Please note I took extra caution walking in the grass with these babies on! LOL

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that whenever I buy shoes or heels, I tend to buy suede or suedette type shoes because to me they look true black. I would choose a pair of suede shoes over a pair of plain leather ones anyday. 

So, when I saw these I have to say the excitement was very real. I’ve wanted a pair of pointed booties for ages but I’m so fussy when it comes to buying pieces like this because my intention is to keep it for a long time. These are from ASOS and I have to say they did me well. I not only love the style and the colour but they are very comfortable aswell – alot wider than they look. 

I teamed them up with an old ASOS leather shirt, my indigo jeans and the missguided bomber jacket. I couldn’t fins anything similar but I have linked below a leather dress which is on sale on ASOS for £20. Me personally, I would wear it as a top than a dress but see what you think.

One thing I’ve definately noticed is that I don’t accessorize alot. I had a gorgeous neckchain and bracelet that was given to me from Allsaints which I would have worn with this outfit – but I seem to have lost them both. That said, I’ve come across a few upcoming jewellery brands on instagram which i love and will look to invest in soon. I’ll be sure to let you know when I buy some pieces.

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