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If you're like me and you desire a beautiful vanity dresser but have very minimal space in your bedroom this post is for you.

First of all, I have to apologise for not posting this up last week. I had a crazy early labour scare and ended up in hospital for four days. It was absolutely horrible not to mention scary, but I'm here, still holding on and baby is well too thank GOD. 

Anyway, this post or mini dresser haul was birthed out of me needing to create a dresser to do my foundation post, and it kind of fell together by accident.

One thing I will say before I begin is that it's always a good idea to see what you have in your house first before you go out and buy anything. 

I really needed a mirror to sit behind the dresser and I probably would have gone out and bought one, but we had a white full length mirror from ikea just sitting around the house. 

We bought it initially to go up in the front room as a feature, but it ended up just sitting behind the kitchen door, only to be pulled out when any of us wanted to see what we were wearing!

When I was putting the dresser together I asked my husband to sit the mirror behind the chest of drawers to see what it looked like, and VOILA. It fit perfectly! 

Also the pieces I bought to sit ontop of it were minimal and also very affordable so I hope you enjoy this short post and can take some inspiration to style up your own dresser at home. 


So before I put my vanity dresser together, I knew that I wanted this lightbulb, as I had seen it a few months before but didn't know exactly what I would have used it for at that point. 

Not only did I want to decorate my dresser, but I was also looking for a nice backdrop for my youtube videos that would compliment the depth of field. I had seen quite a few people using fairy lights and although I loved the effect, I didn't really want to copy what everyone else was doing. I just thought light, and this was the first thing that sprung to mind. 

It wasn't overly expensive and I bought it from Primark for a fiver, which I think is quite reasonable. As for how to replace the bulb when it doesn't light anymore I don't have a clue!


Secondly, I needed somewhere to store my make up brushes and make up in general. I loved the fact that these cosmetic organisers were clear perspex so they would easily match anything else on the dresser. 

These are from Primark also and I believe they were £4 each. Now, I'm still an amateur in this make up game so as I don't have much, it was handy that they were quite small, but if you need more storage, you can buy multiple and stack them or you may have to purchase them from elsewhere. 

I saw them in a slightly bigger size in New Look but they cost more, between £10 - £15 each.

Or you prefer bigger still, I also saw some really big ones for sale in Tk Maxx so you can also check them out in there. 











Now remember I mentioned earlier that not only did I want to pretty up my dresser, but I wanted some lighting in the background when I used my camera to create a nice depth of field.

I love the way the candle light flickers in the background of a video, so my focus was to acquire as many candles as possible.

I bought this one initially because it was pink and fit in with the scheme. The scent of this is wild orchid and honey and it's fresh and sweet smelling without being too overpowering. 

Although I haven't taken a photo of this, I also bought a bag of tea candles for a pound, which sits in a dish to add more candle light aswell. You can buy these in the colours or scents to match the main candle which I think is amazing so everything looks very put together and uniform.


This mirror was the cherry on the cake for me. Initially I was looking for any sort of pedestal mirror. Probably silver or white but I couldn't find one that I liked at all never mind the colour. 

I had a Debenhams voucher left over from Christmas and popped in there initially to buy a jacket for spring, but for some reason I didn't feel it was worth spending the voucher for. 

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed, but just before we left the store I decided to walk through the home section just to see what was up there, and look what I found! A gorgeous pedestal mirror in the same copper colour as my geometric light. 

Not only that but I love the fact that the mirror itself doesn't have a border. It just looks so clean.


After I bought the pedestal mirror, my husband said he saw one very similar to it in Asda for more than half the price, so if you'd like something similar but don't want to spend that much, definately check to see if they have it in your local. 

The copper or rose gold colour is very much on trend, so most homeware stores or departments will feature many items that would make a dresser or vanity table look pretty. 

All I need to do now is find some cost effective brushes that sit beautifully with the colour scheme I've created. Make up is such a big thing now that even the utensils are a design in itself, and some of them are so immaculate I can't even imagine putting make up on them!

I hope you enjoyed this post but remember to look around the house first to see what you can utilise, or at least see what you need to buy before you go out and start spending money. 

I'd love to see photos of a dresser you've created or updated so feel free to email them to me so we can share inspiration!


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