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Ah, The Pyjama Suit. You either love it or hate it - get it, or don't. 

Some may look at it and think they would or could never wear something like this but hopefully, this post will change your mind.   

Now for me, the pyjama suit is a cross between a power suit and a trackie. You have the formality of the straight co-ord but the wearability of a tracksuit. It's just a simple outfit you can throw on and look instantly glamourous but still relaxed. It's completely up to you how you want to play it but it has the ability to wear in the office and take you straight to dinner.

Initially, what inspired me to buy myself this pyjama suit was because I saw a gorgeous one rocking around on Instagram. Now, I don't know about you but I always feel a bit 'iffy' about wearing what's 'trending' or what everyone else is wearing. Of course, most fashion orientated people want to be on trend, but nobody wants to feel like a follow-fashion or a copycat. Not only that but after looking for the suit myself, I realised the full piece was a whole eighty quid!. really, Zara? 

The suit was nice but not that nice, and plus I felt it made more sense to find one that everyone, was not wearing and make it my own.


The first thing I did was jump on my ASOS app. I'm telling you, ASOS is like my first love. No matter how long it's been since our 'break-up', I can't help but keep going back!

On a serious note though, I feel ASOS is literally the best place to go to find anything. Simply because there are endless different brands on there - some that you may not have even heard of; as well as ASOS own buy

I also feel that you're able to find outfits within a range of different prices, so if you're in the money, you can buy from premium high street brands or if you're pocket is feeling a bit short - you can opt for something a lot more cost effective. It works for everybody. 


"The first thing I did was jump on my ASOS app.

I'm telling you, ASOS is like my first love.

No matter how long it's been since our 'break-up',

I can't help but keep going back!,"

pyjama suit

Just to balance this up and not look like I'm all over ASOS like a rash, they do need to get with the programme a bit. I typed in pyjama suit and all that came up was literally pyjama's. That is hardly going to appeal to anyone who is already put off by the trend in the first place. 

The trick is to type in 'Wide Leg Trouser' and look for the product that comes up with a co-ord. If you type co-ord literally every co-ord comes up and that is just way too long. I guess you could filter but you get my drift.

I started to scroll down and saw this gorgeous playsuit set from no other, but MONKI

I first stumbled across Monki on ASOS when I was putting together my basic wardrobe video almost to years ago. I bought a shirt dress from them which I absolutely loved because it was actually a shirt dress. Not a shirt 'labelled' as a dress, so short that everyone can see what is going on. My shirt was stylish, a lovely colour and also long enough to be modest which is of utmost importance to me. My love of fashion doesn't dictate my morals, rather my love for GOD dictates my fashion. 

Since then, I've had them on my instagram, and always check what they're doing from time to time as they always have some funky key pieces. I also fell for them more when they collaborated with Freddie Harrel. If you know me, you'll know that I love her. Simply because she's more than just a blogger, but a businesswoman and mother in her own right. Not only that but it's nice to see brands working with women that look like me. 

Anyway, the suit jumped out at me straight away and it was half the price of the Zara suit at £40. There, I was sold. 

I showed quite a few people the original Zara suit I wanted to buy and absolutely no one was feeling it! But when I actually wore it out and people saw it on everybody loved it. 

So this blog is especially for you if you like the look of the Pyjama Suit, but don't know how to wear it. 

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"My love for fashion doesn't dictate my morals,

rather my love for GOD dictates my fashion,"


Firstly, you want to buy a pyjama suit with a print and/or colour that you love. The suit itself is very statement so the colours, as well as the pattern, is the first thing people will see. 

I can imagine people are like me, but before I buy anything I always consider how the colour will complement or accentuate my complexion. I am trying to add more colour to my wardobe but there are some colours that I just wouldn't dare to wear.

With this suit, I loved how the colours were bold but still tonal. 

I think the colours of the stripes work really well together and it makes it even easier that there's black stripes in it too. 

That saves you having to find or buy a shoe that matches the outfit!


The next thing to do is decide how you want to wear it. As I said earlier, you can rock it all the way up or tone it down. 

In my post, I've paired it with a pair of heels because I wanted it to look dressy. Please also ignore the fact that I'm using my make up bag as a makeshift clutch because all my stuff is in storage, but literally that is it. A pair of heels, a clutch and a good hair do and you're good to go.

I wouldn't wear a jacket with this as the suit jacket would double up as a jacket but if it does get a bit chilly in the evening I would wear poncho rather than a coat with sleeves. It will allow you to still show the outfit and look well put together at the same time.

To dress it down I would wear a pair of trainers, Vans or Converse  with a cute little rucksack. 

Again wearing a coat or jacket over this would be tricky, especially when keeping it casual so just make sure the weather is warm enough not to wear one. 

pyjama suit
pyjama suit


Lastly, rock it like you! Sometimes I wear things that people don't get or understand because it's different but ultimately fashion should be an expression of you. 

I spoke earlier about feeling a bit 'iffy' when everyone is wearing the same thing and not wanting to be a copycat, but even if you do buy something that everyone is wearing you can still wear it in a way that is unique to you. 

I had seen the suit a good number of times but everyone I had seen wore it differently.

Seeing the same outfit on a number of people can either inspire someone to buy the outfit or not. 

On the Zara page, the suit I saw was styled so poorly, everyone I showed hated it until they saw it somewhere else.

The point I am trying to make is nobody can do it like you.

That's why blogging is so amazing because you can find inspiration for anything and everything. Many people can review a product and everyone's review of it will be similar but unique.

All I would say is be careful, that even when you're being inspired by others that you still stay true to who you are.


"It's not monki say, monki do,"


Honestly, I love how versatile the suit is. You can wear the jacket with a pair of jeans or the trousers with a vest top, so you've got three outfit choices for the price of one.

I have my eye on a few more pyjama suits. One is from H&M, which I absolutely love and will link below. The other is the one from Zara. Just know that I'm in no way purchasing it until it goes on sale.


pyjama suit
pyjama suit
nude by nature
pyjama suit



  1. May 13, 2018 / 8:12 am

    Love this look on you 🙂 monki is one of my ASOS Faves xxx

      May 13, 2018 / 8:33 am

      aww thanks hun. monki is sick i love them!

  2. Juvenal RUHIMBI
    July 27, 2019 / 2:10 am

    whats your e-mail address?
    Thank you

    • Joanne RH
      August 19, 2019 / 10:32 pm

      if you use the contact form on the blog it’ll come directly to me xx

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