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Hopefully, this is what you've all been waiting for. Recently I launched the #eatsforeczema series on my channel because so many of you message me asking for recipes as well as what foods are best to eat when healing eczema. Every single ingredient used has a healing property for eczema from the ingredients themselves down to the seasoning.

I started the series with three breakfast recipes, and they are all OK to enjoy as part of the healing process, but I presented them in stages so you know what to eat more of depending what stage you are at in your healing process.

I've done tons of research and read many books on the causes of eczema and the reality is that everyone's triggers and sensitivities are different. That said, a lot of the foods I regarded to be triggers were, in fact, fine for me as long as I ate them organic, and even better than that, I found that these particular foods were especially healing.

One of these foods were apples. If I ate a raw apple, my mouth would start itching like crazy and my throat would begin to swell. Whereas, if I ate organic apples I was perfectly fine. moral of the story is pesticides are not good.

One thing I know for sure was that after trying to avoid fruits because they were sweet and apparently fed candida; which I am 100% sure I was struggling with at one time, I found that eating a lot of raw fruits is what brought about the most healing.

Hence why I began drinking two of my fruit smoothies every morning. This meant that in one day, even before lunchtime, I would have consumed 4 Bananas, 2 cups of Berries, 6-8 Dates and 1-2 Papayas.

That is a lot of fruit and I always tell people that my skin recovery when I was doing this literally blew my mind.

If you're in the thick of your eczema healing/tsw journey, I really do suggest consuming as much fruit as possible with Bananas, Apples, Papaya and Berries being your main intake. Making smoothies daily or if you prefer just eating the raw fruits, by all means, do that.

The second is a simple bowl of Original Coyo Yoghurt, covered with organic frozen berries [or fresh if you prefer] and raw honey. This is also extremely healing for eczema, and I ate this breakfast every morning as part of the Makers' Diet Plan, as a lot of the fruits in my smoothie were removed for the first few weeks.

creamy banana porridge
creamy banana porridge

This particular breakfast recipe is my absolute favourite of all time. I absolutely love oats, and I cannot put into words how much. I use oats for everything. Breakfast, snacks, skincare, you name it.

That said, oats and grains in general are not the best to eat when you're eczema is very raw, inflamed and/or weeping. I remember for a month, I cut out grains completely for a whole four weeks and my skin healed the fastest I had ever seen it heal. I understand this is extremely difficult. Especially if you come from a culture where rice is your staple food. Oats in themselves do have benefits, yes, but at this stage the negatives probably outweigh them. I would limit my intake of grains to 1-2 times a week and when you do eat grains, make sure they're quality, gluten-free and organic. Sprouted is even better. I'll put a link below to the oats I use which are all of the above.

Originally, this recipe was actually inspired by the fruity date porridge by Rude Health. Rude Health is by far one of my favourite, healthy and organic companies, but I definitely make this breakfast better. Plus, it's gluten-free and that in itself is an absolute must.

I started off making it with chopped apples and bananas then eventually converted the apples to apple puree. I wanted my oats to be creamy and luxurious and I felt the apple pieces gave it more work than was needed to chew. It's all about easy digestion.

I also started off this recipe using alternative milk called 'Mylk' by Rebel. Again, this alternative milk is amazing. Not only made with just raw, simple ingredients but it's also organic. The reason I stopped using it is that a few months ago, I began to eliminate the use of nutritional yeast as it said to be another form of MSG. Unfortunately for me, nutritional yeast is one of the ingredients used in the Mylk so for a long time I didn't make this recipe at all. Any other milk I tried just didn't cut it.

Luckily for us all, I found a way to replicate the original porridge, and I promise you it tastes exactly the same. Proud is literally an understatement as I would bet my bottom dollar that you haven't tasted a porridge as tasty, creamy or as moreish as this.

Enough of the chit chat though, I'm going to get straight into it. Even as I'm typing this, I've now made up my mind that this will be my breakfast every Saturday morning. Why? Because life is short and my skin is in a good place...

If you try this recipe, please take a photo and hashtag 'eatsforeczema' as well as tagging me in it so I can see. Can't wait to hear your feedback and see your variations!

If you want to see me making all of the breakfasts mentioned in real time, click the video below.













1 Cup of Rude Health Sprouted Oats

2 Cups of Rude Health Cashew Milk

1/2 a Block of Coconut Cream

2 Ripe Bananas

5 Medjool Dates

1/2 Cup of Organic Apple Puree

2 Tsp of Ground Cinnamon

1 Tsp of Ground Nutmeg

1 Tsp of Ground Ginger

Any Topping of Your Choice

creamy banana porridge


  1. Place the cashew milk, chopped dates and coconut cream in a pan and bring to the boil. This will allow the dates and coconut cream to soften/melt.
  2. Once the milk is boiling turn the heat down to low and add the ripe bananas. You can roughly cut/mash them in the pan with the spoon.
  3. Add the cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger. This is going to give your porridge the most delicious flavour
  4. Add the cup of oats and apple puree. Mix the porridge so everything is evenly spread and cover with a lid for ten to fifteen minutes.
  5. Once cooked down, the milk should have almost dissolved leaving you with a thick creamy porridge.
  6. If you prefer a looser porridge just add more cashew milk until you get to your desired consistency
  7. Roughly chop some walnuts or any other topping of your choice. [Goji berries are amazing to add] Sprinkle over the top and enjoy...
creamy banana porridge

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