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If you're in London or in the UK, you will know the sun has been paying us some much needed attention. When it comes to good weather like this, there's nothing better than enjoying a good summertime salad.

As part of the #eatsforeczema series I've been doing, I wanted to bring you my olive and pomegranate salad in writing so you can refer to it easily. There's a lot of different vegetables that make up this salad. You can remove some, add or swap some, but the key ingredients are the houmous, olives, and pomegranates. I hope you experiment with this but if you can try and leave those in.

I also chop into the salad to finish some fresh coriander. Coriander is such a healing and detoxifying herb. It helps cleanse the liver of toxins and especially heavy metals. I try and add fresh coriander to everything I can and this is definitely no exception.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do because in its simplest form it is so inexpensive to make and I literally have it every day. If you try it please post a picture of it and don't forget to tag me and #eatsforeczema so I can see!

olive and pomegranate salad
olive and pomegranate salad

When I put recipes together, I try to ensure that every single ingredient is beneficial for skin healing and eczema. I generally use the book that the Medical Medium wrote called Life Changing Foods.

I really suggest you get this book as it makes things so much easier when deciding how to and what to eat. As soon as I got mine, I scoured through and listed all of the foods that were good for eczema, dermatitis and candida, so everything I cook with has some type of healing property that will help heal your skin.

I would love to go through each vegetable but I'm trying to make my blogs shorter and easier to read! One thing I will say is that rocket and baby leaf, as well as the cucumber and lettuce in this salad, are game changers for skin healing, so if you can find a way to get this in your diet every day you will see massive changes.

For the dressing, I just use houmous from Waitrose, but I have to point out that it is the olive oil houmous not the original one as that one uses rapeseed oil. I've spoken about it previously on my channel, but rapeseed oil is one of the most dangerous oils to consume. Up until they began selling an olive oil version, I more often than not, made the houmous myself.

Whole foods also sell houmous that doesn't contain any rapeseed oil. The Precious Pea is an amazing brand to try.

Lastly, as much as possible try and ensure that all your fresh produce is organic. This is simply to eliminate the harmful pesticides that are sprayed directly on to these vegetables.



Rocket and Babyleaf Salad

Half a Lettuce


Cherry Tomatoes

Spring Onions

Stuffed Green Olives

Pomegranate Seeds

Olive Oil Houmous

Sprinkle of Black Pepper

Chopped Fresh Coriander














    1. Firstly, place the bag of rocket and babyleaf salad into a bowl. Usually this is already washed before packing but feel free to wash it again if you prefer.
    2. Next, chop up the rest of your vegetables. The lettuce, cucumber, spring onions and baby tomatoes
    3. Add a generous amount of stuffed olives along with the pomegranate seeds
    4. Lastly, add a good amount, if not all of the olive houmous and mix well until all the salad is covered in houmous. Add a pinch of black pepper
    5. At this point you can serve your salad and loosley cut/chop some fresh coriander to go generously over the top.



I really hope you enjoy this salad and it becomes a staple in your eczema diet as it has in mine. Let me know, if you do try it, what swaps you've made and how you prefer it.


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