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This is a really simple guide on the causes of eczema and the small changes that can be made in order to begin healing the skin naturally.


  1. Ebi Sampson

    AMAZING BOOK! Even if you aren’t an Eczema suffer it’s still useful information!

    • Joanne RH (verified owner)

      thank u so much babe i really appreciate that! xx

  2. Vanessa Gray (verified owner)

    I’ve tried to follow many other people about healing .
    I love that your content sticks to the point without over packing information. I Definitely feel motivated to follow everything out. Thanks a lot Joanne

    • Joanne RH (verified owner)

      thank u so much for your kind words. i really hope it helps u cross the line in your own skin healing journey! x

  3. Esther (verified owner)

    Just purchased and glimpsed through to get a fill of the E- book. I Abso love how it’s so simple and informative. Despite the fact I am not an eczema sufferer this info is defo vital.
    Thank you so much for taking time out to share this xx
    I cannot wait to read it properly xoxo

  4. Pearl Makinwa (verified owner)

    I stumbled upon you as I was googling eczema help as I’ve just had a really bad flare up. I also wanted help from a black girl as a lot of the GP’s are only used to treating white skin. However as you’ve stated, the GP was of no help just prescribing steroids etc. I finally said to myself that it’s enough, I have to make a lasting change. My youngest daughter also seems to have developed eczema so I am determined to cure us both. I am slightly daunted by the change of diet as this is years of eating that I will have to transform but I am up for the challenge. In all seriousness, I’ve had enough of itching, feeling self conscious, having a pharmacy of creams in my home and now watching my daughter constantly itch! Your ebook is a fantastic starting point for anyone who wishes to embark on their journey (whether they have eczema or not).

    I would love to stay in touch and keep you updated on my progress. Wish me luck!

    • Joanne RH (verified owner)

      Hi Pearl!

      That’s so amazing to hear! Thank you for reaching out and definitely keep me updated with how yours and your daughter’s skin is going.

      Joanne x

  5. Priya P

    How can I get this book in Malaysia?

    • Joanne RH (verified owner)

      its an ebook so you can download to your email 🙂

  6. Esther (verified owner)

    Best book! I can’t recommend this enough even for general skin health x I’m forever referencing this book x
    Thank you for taking time to create such great content x

  7. K Tulasi

    Suffering from hyper pigmentation
    And echema

    • Joanne RH (verified owner)

      Hoping you heal soon 🙂

  8. Saima


  9. Bora

    Thank you!

    • Naa Yaa Adoley (verified owner)

      So welcome. I trust you found it helpful!

  10. Esther Kung’u

    Your skin has taken a total 360 degree for the best.I would love this for my sister who is 22 and has had eczema since birth

  11. Nik

    Really looking forward to deep diving into your E-book. X

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