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This is the information the mainstream healthcare system doesn’t want you to know.

That is entirely possible to heal ANY and all skin disease with diet and lifestyle changes….

This meal plan has been a real labour of love for me because I know first hand how difficult it is to try and change your diet with no idea where to start. When people message for advice this is the main thing asked of me and yet it is impossible to explain in a few short messages.

There are no actual recipes in this meal plan but following the release of it; I will be posting consistent reels showing how I make some of the meals included. I decided to release it in this way because of how much time it takes to put recipes together and the fact that the full skin healing e-book is still in progress.

The plan includes:

🌿 A clear introduction
🌿 What to eat and why
🌿 Full lists of foods to eat in stages
🌿 Meal ideas for four weeks of protocol
🌿 Next action steps to keep healing

Don’t feel forced to follow the meal plan exactly as it is only there as a guide and to help with inspiration when you don’t know what to make or eat.

Please bare in mind that diet is only one aspect of the healing process but this is definitely an important aspect none the less.

I’d be so grateful if you would leave a review once you’ve finished to let others know how you found it – good, bad or ugly!

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