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The ultimate companion and guide to healing chronic skin conditions naturally


Following the success of the first e-book released in 2018; I have been working on this particular e-book as an answer all to the most common questions.

When I was on my journey to healing my skin naturally, there were so many questions I had and so many things I had to figure out on my own – whereas if I had a go to guide such as this I would have healed so much faster.

The e-book focuses on healing from a holistic point of view and covers all areas including diet, gut health, skincare and emotional well being.


Chapters include:

Anatomy of The Skin

Lifestyle and Skin Conditions

Diet and Nutrition

Clean Beauty

TSW and more.


There are twenty chapters in total which provide all the information needed from start to finish to assist you on your healing journey.

My aim was always to help as many people as I could recover from skin ailments; especially where the mainstream healthcare system offers so little support.

This ebook will provide anyone the opportunity to heal at their own pace whilst enabling them to take full control.


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