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When I was dealing with my skin breaking out in 2017 I quickly learned back then that my emotions were closely tied to my health; but until recently; i didn’t realise how deeply this was.

Once I started to dig deep and research; the dots really began to connect for me and I realised that most chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases has its root in trauma.

I’ve put together multiple pieces of content on my website to help people overcome eczema and skin ailments but nothing has come close to being as personal as this is to me.

I’ve literally poured my heart into this webinar to the point where I’ve made sure that only those that need it will get their hands on it.

My hope is that by the end of the session; you will feel equipped and empowered to address your trauma at the root and know of all the modalities available to help you achieve complete healing.

Once the webinar is available it will be on special offer for a week.

here’s to healed hearts. healed souls and healed minds.


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